ABSI is an emerging force in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space.
Founded by John Stock in partnership with Automated Collection Services Inc.’s Rob Duffy, ABSI is committed to building a first-class reputation to help take your company “GLOBAL.”


Genuine Approach
While we provide overviews of our standard approaches within this proposal, we make no assumptions regarding your needs. ABSI leadership are experts in the field, but we truly want to customize our processes to be the best fit for you, your culture, and your customers. Our on-boarding process ensures we design the optimal solutions for you.


Linguistic Advantage
With an international focus, ABSI delivers multi-lingual services to best serve your customers in their language of preference. Through direct employment and third-party providers, ABSI will ensure all language requirements are met.


Omni Channel Solutions
ABSI can help you meet and service your customers in their preferred communication channel; including voice, sms, chat and all social media channels and we have the expertise to assist you with specific designed strategy tailored to your needs and when those needs change we can adapt quickly to the latest challenge.


Business Process Outsourcing
There are many choices when choosing a BPO partner and ABSI gives you all of the options. From our HQ in Nashville, TN and our extensive network of veteran Work-at-Home agents located in just about every US state to our strategically located Global partners. ABSI can be your partner down the street and around the globe.


Award Winning Customer Service
ABSI is part of family of companies who is an employer of choice within the BPO and ARM industries. With an average agent tenure of over three years, far above the industry standard, we know how to recruit and retain highly talented resources. The cultural difference between BPO firms is clear, and we invite you to put it to the test by talking to our employees; you’ll see and hear a refreshing difference.


Leading by Listening
One if the biggest complaints we hear from many potential clients is that they aren’t understood or that nobody understands what they really need from a BPO partner. At ABSI, we are different – we listen