Customer Care / Customer Service

The job doesn’t end after you acquire your customers. Our agents are focused to ensure your customers receive a great customer experience. We protect your brand across utilize all the Omni-channel services you provide today.

Our Solutions include:

  • Complex customer service (inbound/outbound)
  • Customer experience survey programs
  • Customer acquisition and/or retention programs
  • Account maintenance
  • Account activation and re-activation
  • Travel & reservation programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Fraud management
  • Social Media management

Technical Support

Even when dealing with Tech we believe it is still about people. We offer Tech Support programs in all the Omni-channels supporting a wide variety of products and services. Our agents are trained to resolve technical issues and apply the right Solutions for their specific problems and get the best customer outcomes.

Some of our Technical Support programs include:

  • Wireless Device Support
  • Software Support
  • PC Troubleshooting support
  • Help desk Support
  • DIY / self-help electronics hotline
  • Multi-tiered Technical support (Tier 2 & escalation services)

Financial Services / Financial Care

Our Financial Services & Care Solutions are designed to perform as an extensions of your current finance credit operations. We prefer a simpler consultative approach that can improve cash flow at early stages of delinquency. In addition, we can help you manage disputes, streamline billing & communications, and that results in lowered risk and enhances your existing level of customer service.

Below are some of our Solutions:

  • Credit Decisions and Management
  • Customer billing & e-billing (including insurance reconciliation)
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Early stage delinquency contact & account cures
  • First party collection & reminder to pay programs
  • Default aversion program

Sales / Telemarketing

We have cost-effective sales and telemarketing solutions to achieve your sales objectives. Our agents use a knowledgeable, consultative approach turning customer contacts into positive interactions that build your reputation, business loyalty and repeat customers

Our sales and telemarketing solutions are offered in every channel you want to use include;

  • Outbound / Inbound Direct Sales
  • Outbound / Inbound Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Cross Sell and Upselling as desired
  • Customer Lead and Appointment Generation
  • Non-Profit Fundraising Programs
  • Market research programs

Back Office Support

ABSI makes it easy for companies of any size to launch a flexible back office project where we can perform virtually any process or task in your operation. Whether you decide to our Trainers or decide train our ABSI team with your own people, we are compliant and follow your directions.

Some examples of back office support you can trust ABSI to handle are:

  • Data entry
  • Provisioning, contract administration and support
  • Shared services support
  • Account validation and verification
  • Accounting processes

General ledger support

Receivables Management

Despite all of the best intentions, some accounts will eventually end up being charged off. When that happens you need to work experts. Professionals who can get to work quickly and provide you with compliant and effective collection Solutions.

ABSI recommends you talk to ACSI (yes we’re related, but that’s we can recommend them, because we know them so well).
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